BEC100 programmable controller supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet

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Operation Manual Download

(Under Construction)



Controller Software Customization

Click here to find more details of software customization


Software Download

Click here to download HelloBrick APP



6 Channel Digital Inputs
10 Channel Digital Outputs

1 Channel RS485 Interface

Linux Operation System

WIFI Connectivity

Ethernet RJ45 Cable Connectivity

Graphic User Interface(HDMI)

Python/PHP/Java/C++/C Programmable

Support USB Mouse and USB Keyboard

DHCP Function


Easy Bus

Http Web Control

Internet Control

Encrypted Communication over Internet

Firmware update over Internet

RealTime Online Support Service Chat



Control devices such as pumps, valves, motors, coils, etc. over the web or a local/remote network

Turn lights on/off

Control electronic door locks and garage door openers

Home automation

Security application

Remotely reboot computers, servers, etc



Output Electric Specifications

- Output Type: High Side Switch
- Output Voltage: VSupply


Supply Electric Specifications

DC 5 - 24V  / 200mA power supply (wide range input)


Operating Temperature

Industrial ( -30°C to +80°C)



85 mm / 55 mm / 30 mm



IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:



Communication Bus: Ethernet

Control Protocol 1: Easy Bus

Control Protocol 2: Http

Control Protocol 3: Internet (Android App)

Control Protocol 4: Modbus/TCP


What is Auto Ping and Programmable Reboot?

Auto Ping function is an monitor, or watchdog, for your third party network controller/device.

When auto ping function is enabled, BE-M104 will automatically send ping command

to other device. When the external device becomes unresponsive, BE-M104 will run a set of

preloaded program, which can be set by your customized reboot sequence. You can either set a

fixed IP address or a domain name for auto ping.



What is Easy Bus?

Easy Bus is an innovative control bus, which not working with

address and registers, but rather work with human natural language.

For example, to switch on/off channel 1, you may directly send

ASCII words "k01 = 1" or "k01 = 0" to BE-M104. This is extremely easy to use.



What is X-Connect?

X-Connect is a P2P connection function from modules to modules.

With X-Connect you can map any input channel in a network to any output channel.

For example, you can map BEM107 input channel 1 to BEM104 output channel 2, you can also map one BEM107 input channel to 2 BEM104 channels.

If you click a button connected BEM107 input channel, you can trigger up to 8 outputs at different modules and different channels.



Package Included:

Item 1: LabVIEW EASYBUS-TCP, Source Code

item 2: User Operation Manual

item 3: HelloBrick App

item 4: Windows platform control center




Customized Design & Technical Support


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please contact us to get support from our engineers team.

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