BEM104 LAN/Internet 2 Channel Relay board 5-24V supply

This is a fantastic little device and exactly what I was looking for. I am working on wiring up my house for various "smart" devices. I have two outdoor sockets away from the house, and I wanted to be able to control them both remotely and automatically. The only similar devices I can find in the U.S. are both WiFi and meant to plug into a wall socket. My WiFi doesn't reach the far end of the basement where the outdoor wiring leaves the house, and the switch needs to be tied directly into the wiring. Not only does the BEM104 satisfy both of these requirements, it also comes at a competitive price!

I found an old spare 12V DC power supply, cut the connector off, and wired it into the power supply of the device. I was disappointed to find that I could not see the device on my network, until I read carefully through the documentation and found that it is set to a static IP at Since my LAN is on 192.168.0, it could not see the device. I managed to work around this by configuring my laptop to communicate directly to the device with both plugged into an ethernet switch (I have a spare switch but not a crossover cable). Then I could issue the command to set the static IP to an address on my subnet, and after that I could connect the device to the LAN and talk to it through a web browser or telnet.

Thank you, Brick Electric!


Tim Edwards, 08/03/2019