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Virtual LAN Service

Virtual LAN provides a secured and encrypted virtual local area network for all your devices with Internet access.

With Virtual LAN you can easily access any device/PC without public IP in Internet just the same way as they are connected to your local router.

Your PC/devices can be located at different country/city, and different subnets. You can still access each other with a local area network IP

Virtual LAN will let you easily share folders, build web server or create all other service in Virtual LAN without considering the complexity of Internet


What is included?

Virtual LAN service includes two software:

VLAN Manager: For create a vlan and manage it

VLAN Network Adapter: For connect a pc to VLAN

Free Test Download

Click here to get VLAN Manager for test




provides LAN communication between PC/device in Virtual LAN

File sharing

Encrypted Internet data exchange

Virtual LAN IP for each connected PC/device

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Virtual LAN Defaults

IP Range: ~
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:



Customized Design & Technical Support


If you have technical questions or customized design requirement,

please contact us to get support from our engineers team.

You may send your information to Email:

Whatsapp: +86-182-1730-3961



Service Provider Development Team



What is the cost?

Virtual LAN access cost for devices from for each 10 devices = USD0.99/Month

Virtual LAN access cost for PC users or devices not from = USD0.99 per Month per User/Device



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